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T.A.L. Community Mental Health Center

T.A.L. Community Mental Health Center represents the perfect synergy between conventional, clinical and holistic approaches, where love, affection, passion, and professionalism serve as the guiding principles for positive transformation.

Gastón Bogomolni, rabbi, third-generation therapist and Sound Healer, partners with his wife Marcela Gómez-Bogomolni, a therapist, social worker, energy healer and business owner, bringing over two decades of extensive experience in catering to seniors, adults, youth, and immigrant communities.

Their unique background as a Jewish clergy family equips them with the sensitivity and expertise needed to seamlessly integrate emotion, spirituality, and mental health support.

In response to the pressing needs of our community following the aftermath of Covid-19, Gastón and Marcela have united their efforts, combining their leadership and expertise for the greater good and well-being of the residents of Florida.

Together, they are dedicated to providing a compassionate and comprehensive approach to mental health, ensuring that individuals receive the care and support they deserve during these challenging times.

We welcome people of all ages, background, colors, creeds, genders and abilities!

To promote and instill spiritual awareness by supporting individuals, families, and communities to create strong and healthy emotional relationships. Partnering with other organizations, professionals, worldwide spiritual leaders, therapists and holistic practitioners to empower, support, and educate them by engaging in community activities such as self-help workshops, seminars, community meals, retreats and group counseling sessions using Jewish wisdom, mental health, mindfulness and holistic tools.


Tzimtzum Corp will become a unique way of emotional, spiritual growth and support for all of those who choose to live a life of peace and happiness. It will support the stability of couples and their children, single parents, young adults, and seniors by empowering every aspect of the family relationship through the teachings of Torah & Kabbalah.












Community Meals

Holiday celebrations


Spiritual Retreats

Healing Events

Drum Circles

We welcome people of all ages, backgrounds, colors, creeds, genders and abilities!
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